About Us

We’ve looked at the industry closely and noticed a standard display of ineffiency.

Among The Services We Provide:

About Us

Threats to our safety are rising in number
and complexity. And, on occasion, those
entrusted with our safety fail to provide
adequate protection. Asset Protection Solutions
is a prominent security firm that provides
proactive security services and cutting-edge
technology to design customized solutions that
allow clients to focus on what is most

We at APS have always enjoyed assisting
others. Our founders come from many different
areas of expertise including many years of prior
law enforcement and private security. Needless
to say, we’ve had eventful careers and have
been involved in a variety of events and cases
that have contributed to the experience in
strategies and management we use today. It’s
been almost 20 years since founders of our
organization first decided to evaluate the
security industry. This allowed us to witness
how many security organizations were
operating without providing the high-quality
service their clientele needed and deserved.

We believed it was time for someone to step
up and provide something better than what
was currently available. As a result, we founded
Asset Protection Solutions to provide “The New
Standard” in safety and security services. We
make ourselves accountable to our clients and
guards by honoring our commitments,
providing results, and continuously striving to
give the best security services possible. No one
goes above and beyond like we do. At Asset
Protection Solutions, there are no cutting

Our system is incredibly transparent, and we have cutting-edge software. To guarantee our guards are executing their jobs, they wear body cameras and are digitally tracked, enabling speedier team communication and dispatching. All reporting is done internally, to which clients also have access. Our history proves that we can provide a better quality of service at an affordable rate. Asset Protection Solutions elevates security with an unrivaled focus on customers and guards, the transformation of service delivery, and continual solution innovation.


Our mission at Asset Protection Solutions is to offer our clients the most professional and courteous service at the most reasonable pricing available without sacrificing quality. With our advanced technology, transparency, and expertise, we bring something unique to the industry that clients will experience the difference.


Safety is a fundamental basis for all of us. Our vision is to not only deliver the highest security service possible but also to transform the industry. We aspire to be recognized as a security provider, and we want to set the standard for outstanding service for our customers, competitors, and the security management sector.

Let's Protect You, Your Family, Friends, and Guests. It's What We Do.