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Protection should always be taken seriously, with great respect where all individuals are fairly treated. We at Asset Protection Solutions, LLC have established ourselves to these standards.

After careful research of the industry, we believe the standards displayed are inefficient and lack moral. Our team is devoted to filling such voids and providing more efficient and better service.

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We are Asset Protection Solutions, LLC

Asset Protection Solution

Threats to our safety are rising in number and complexity. And, on occasion, those entrusted with our safety fail to provide adequate protection. Asset Protection Solutions is a prominent security firm that provides proactive security services and cutting-edge technology to design customized solutions that allow clients to focus on what is most important.

Our Services

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Asset Protection Solutions offer a variety of services to you

Have a look at them, we even set up some explanations just for you to easily point out what you’d need.

Security Officers

Fully trained police style uniformed and non-uniformed Security Officers to provide stationary or patrol coverage to meet the clients needs. These Officers are all trained per state requirements and also receive further extensive training in multiple fields, including customer service. Each Officer is trained and molded to meet each clients specific needs. All officers are equipped with body cams and proper items to fully carry out the job at hand.

Private Investigation

Fully trained investigators to service many different types of cases. We provide Investigators that are familiar and experienced in multiple different areas so that we can accommodate each clients specific needs. We service cases such as accidents, insurance claims, workers comp claims, divorce, wrongful death, child custody, domestic investigations, civil investigations, criminal investigations and much more.

Notary & eNotary Services

We have a government-appointed person who acts as an unbiased witness to the signing of legal documents. 

Process Service

We provide each fast and accurate service. Our officers and investigators always provide fast and accurate service from start to finish. Every officer and investigator is equipped with a bodycam and gps tracking to let our clients know step by step what stage the process is in.


We provide new and quality marked vehicles fully equipped with warning lights and PA systems to be very visible on our clients property.


We offer multiple event services. Everything from safety planning all the way to Security Officers at each post.